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Impartial Audits 

Why Choose QA Technic Cambodia, ISO Certification Body for your ISO Audit?

01. Recognized & Globally Accepted

An independent external audit from QA Technic  Cambodia (ISO Certification Body) Accredited by DAkkS will give your customers the belief and confidence that they are dealing with a company which sets and maintains the highest standards for both itself and its clients. This will help re-affirm your organisation as a market leader in your specialised business sector.

02. Improve your organisation

We support you to improve organizational performance and mitigate risks via certification to standards published by ISO and other bodies

03. Train your Employees

We provide training programs that develop your employees’ competences on a variety of topics to a required international and/or internal standard.

04. Experienced Auditors

Our renowned professionals have worked across many industries, and been involved in many of the verification schemes and certification standards since their concept - they bring the insight only such experience can provide.

05. Impartial, Independent and Fair

Because of the very nature of what we do, all of the verification and certification we provide is impartial - a legal and regularity necessity in some cases, in others a factor that lends weight to what you say about your business.

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